Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Online Dating: The Good and The Bad

Technology don really helep pipul ministry to move forward when e come to dating level between man and woman.Yes, e don make am dey possible for two pipul wey no know each oda and wey be sey dem no ever dream of to get the opportunity to even yan with each oda in pesin to come know demsef, but as life be, for evri good side of something, the bad side go must dey too. So, I go first of all chook eye put for the good side of to date pesin online bifor I begin yan about the bad side too wey be sey pipul go need to dey careful about.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

You Ready For Mature Relationship?

 Love relationship dey in different ways but all of dem need 'maturity' for dem to last. To start relationship dey very easy but to maintain am to last, na there work dey becos e go need plenty patience, understanding, to comot eye from some mistakes, and to look forward unto the future. 

Make Your Long-Term Relationship Bubble

 For relationship mata between man and woman, we dey get the short ones wey fit be like 3months, 6months-1year but when the relationship don dey go from 1year to like 2years, 3years, 4,5,6,7years, then the relationship don become long term be dat, and sometimes becos of the stress of the day-to-day palava, dat spark wey been dey make the relationship bubble when una start fit don dey mellow and bifor you know am, we go begin dey hear things like " he no love me again" "she no love me again", "we no love each oda again". So my kajad pipul, naim I say make I yan una how una long-term relationship fit still bubble bifor we begin hear tori wey dey touch the heart!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Why E Dey Kajad To Be Yoursef

 Most of the time, some pipul dey spend almost all their time dey try to form for oda pipul instead of to be demsef; maybe na becos of how dem take bring dem up or becos of the kain job wey dem dey look for or do or e fit be to dey try behave one kain way to take maintain their relationship with anoda pesin, and sometimes, e fit still be sey na to dress or wear one kain cloth so dat dem go fit in or make pipul hail dem sey na dem dey reign--- "Omo, you jaasi" whereas dem dey forget the main reason why dem dey exist wey be to be demsef and funny enough, most pipul no know sey to be demsef dey very easy and simple to practice than to be anoda pesin wey dem no be. Make we chook eye put for reasons why e dey kajad to be yoursef:

Thursday, 4 May 2017

How To Handle Communication Palava Inside Relationship

 To dey for inside relationship wey kajad love dey exist na one of the best experience wey you go want be part of and e get sometimes when communication palava go show face for the relationship, but the koko na how una take work things out naim go either make the relationship dey successful or fall apart. And the thing be sey without open communication with each other effectively, relationship go begin dey weak. E dey really take time and work to build up relationship so no be something to rush at all and e dey take both pipul wey dey willing to put in plenty effort if dem want to make the relationship grow.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

When Relationship Begin Get Crack

For any relationship, the good days dey and the bad days also dey too. E dey okay to experience the two sides of the relationship but when the bad side of am done come dey plenty pass the good side, then time don reach for you to begin watch out becos anything fit happen wey go begin lead to serious break up.

Signs Of Real,Kajad Paddies

  E get wetin pipul dey talk sey "If you want get friends, you go need to dey friendly first of all" and na true. Dis signs wey I want yan go helep you to know who your true friend be and also to know how to choose real paddy dem for future.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Signs Wey Go Show Sey You Dey With Violent Partner

Violence na something wey fit happen to anybody inside any relationship, whether the pipul rich abi dem poor ; young or old, tall or short but e go beta for you to notice am quick quick if you don dey date somebody and you come notice dis kain signs, naim be sey na day time you go begin look for black goat bifor night come be dat o!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Coming Back Togeda After Break Up

For some pipul, to break up from relationship no be wetin dem want but for some, dem need the break up so dat dem go fit go dia separate ways for good. So my yanning for here na for those pipul wey be sey to break up no be wetin dem want, as hope still dey for una to come back, dat na IF both partners desire to come back togeda o! Oya make we chook eye put for how e fit take happen:

How To Waka With Pesin Wey Dey Dey Moody

 Sometimes, you fit notice sey some pipul around you or your friends dey dey moody for no reason and you fit no understand why or how you go take relate with dem. My pipul na serious gbege o!especially when e be sey no be you cause wetin dey make dem feel moody at dat point in time. Shoo! E no dey easy o!but instead wey you go leave dem waka comot or begin quarrel with dem, make you try to do dis things:

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

To Dey Look Popori (attractive) For Your Partner na Koko

When e come to dey look popori , na very important thing for we human beings, both men and women and; for every man and woman wey fall in love with each other, physical attraction na one out of ten things wey make dem date each other. Most times, especially when you don dey too close to your partner or you don enter marriage proper proper, this tendency go dey for you to just relax yoursef and forget yoursef so tey you no go dey worry about your looks again but e no suppose be like dat.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Handle disappointment inside your relationship

 Every relationship dey get stages and one of dem na when  you begin feel disappointment unto sey some things wey you been expect to see inside your relationship or marriage no be wetin you dey see, but you go need to realise sey disappointment after you don get high hopes for the relationship na something wey you need to expect, but e no mean sey all hope don dey lost or sey you no go fit do anything. No! Hope still dey for the relationship to continue. To handle dis disappointment level when e show face, make you: 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Reasons Why You No Need To Say 'I Do'

When e come to the level of marriage, some otepu dem go think of the part wey man and woman go yan dia promise for altar. Dem go even think go far reach where the officiating pesin go yan the two pipul make dem kiss demsef or the couple first dance or how dem go take feed demsef for the wedding reception. Dis dey totori women dem well well. But e no easy to DO the 'I do' even though e easy well well to SAY the 'I do' for altar or bifor pipul wey una invite.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

When office romance enter ONE CHANCE...

       Una dey for the same company, work dey go wella and everything dey kajadly. You begin dey notice sey dat bobo or otepu dey cut eye give you anytime wey una jam each oda, weda na for the reception office or for the canteen wey una dey go chop or maybe una even dey the same department for the company, so una dey always siddon with each oda all the time and una come become friends. E no end for dia, he decide to ask you to be him babe, make una carry una friendship to the next level. You gree. Una start the romance.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Some kain mistakes wey fit scatter marriage and how to take korrect dem


 My pipul, with the way marriages dey take scatter these days hian! No be here at all o!but the good thing be sey no matter as things scatter yan reach, the two pipul wey dey inside the marriage fit still get dia levels back for each oda IF dem want make e work. For here, I go yan una the koko things wey husband and wife need to dey chook dia eye put make water for no pass garri:

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Koko and Jara on top relationship and marriage mata don show face again!

Wow! It's really been a looooong time I came here to write, though I've been scrolling through every now and then, strategizing on what and what to add to make my awesome readers enjoy and stay glued to this page, but make una no worry my splunfik pipul. I go begin dey sunch una beta and kajad koko and jara on top relationship and marriage mata wey go helep una enjoy una relationship and marriage. Make una carry chair siddon close by! Una gudu morning!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Koko and Jara wey go fit help your relationship grow well well

 For some pipul,when dem hear pesin say 'relationship', dia mind go first go for pipul wey dey date or pipul wey dey do courtship to take know demsef wella bifor dem marry, but I want yan una sey no bi only dis two dem dey call relationship. Marriage sef na relationship for im own level too. Na dis make me sey I go like yan una koko and jara dem wey go help your relationship grow wella wella, weda na date una dey date or una want know unasef bifor una join unasef togeda or if una don enter the marriage proper proper. So for the relationship to waka enter the next level:

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How to make trust tight for inside your relationship

Trust na when you believe wetin pesin yan you or you just believe sey dat pesin no go fit do you bad or anything wey go pain you, dat is to say, when you put mind on top somebodi. Efri relationship need trust to tanda kajadly kajad even when love dey totori the two pipul wey dey inside the relationship and if you want to dey run tight package with your partina or the pesin wey dey scatter your dada with love, you go need to learn how to trust dem. Oya, make we chook eye put for the koko and jara wey go help you build dat trust wey you want for inside your relationship.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How you fit take leave the past and move on with your life

When I say to let go of your past, e fit be when you break up with somebody wey you love wella wella or when you lose somebody wey dey very dear to you.  For you to free yourself from the past and move on  with your life, make we chook eye put for dis koko and jara wey go make am dey jejeli for you to do

Monday, 17 November 2014

Koko & Jara for pipul wey don marry or wey just want do 'I DO I DO'

E don become common thing for pipul to yan sey marriage dey usually dey tough during the first few years bcos na the first time wey the couple go dey live togeda as man and wife plus with dia different background, upbringing, culture, tradition and things like dat but if una remember these koko and jara wey I want sunch give una for here onto how pipul wey don marry or wey dey plan to do 'I DO I DO' fit make dia marriage to dey kajadly kajad, the union go solid wella and last wella too.
Oya make we chook eye put for dis koko and jara now.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wetin pride dey cause for inside relationship

      E don tey wey we don dey hear about dis word wey dem dey call pride. Wetin be dis pride sef? Pride na wen pesin begin feel sey im beta pass the pesin wey dey next to am, maybe bicos him or shim get one thing wey im feel sey the oda pesin no get. Pride na the oda side of humbleness.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to reduce argument for inside relationship

 If e get wetin fit make love relationship tire pesin, na argue today,argue tomorrow,argue everyday. E no mean sey two pipul for inside relationship no go argue but wetin I dey try to yan for here be sey if the argument don too much,one or the two partinas go kukuma like am make dem waka go dia separate ways. Na dis one make me want yan una wetin to do for argument to take reduce for inside relationship.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Reasons why some lovers dey fall out of love

Guy:  Baby,I love you pass my mama.The love wey I get for you no get part two. The love dey totori me sotey e dey scatter my dada and plait am join sef!Your love dey make me kolo no be small!

Babe: (laff munye-munye) Me too I love you die! Any time wey I see you,,my heart go dey do jigijigi.Your love dey make me kolo! I love you!

When some pipul fall in love,na some of the yannings wey dey enter their mind and mouth be dis. The love go dey totori dem as e dey hot. To fall in love e kajad well well but wetin I want yan for here na wetin dey make pipul fall out of love when dem don enter am.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The sharperly ways to take scatter relationship

For dis life,we believe sey everybody get one bad side or bad sides wey gum for dia life and dis bad side fit  scatter relationship wey dem dey  whether na love relationship, marriage abi na just friends,and if pesin no be careful to watch am,e fit become the pesin lifestyle and dis no go dey kajad at all. Some of the bad sides wey fit spoil pesin blues with reggae na:

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Koko and Jara to take protect your pikins from bad belle people onto illegal torchliting of pikin website

The mata of illegal torchliting of pikin  website no be mata wey dey new again as e don turn to everyday parole for the kain world wey we dey now. Dem say 'knowledge na power', so make parents  start to dey teach dia pikin wetin to do when dem notice some kain thing wey dey happen around dem.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Women: Wetin una need to do and no do to una man

Men and women get different ways wey dem dey take yan, different things wey dem need and desire plus different challenges wey dem dey face inside relationship.The way man dey take things dey different from the way woman dey take things and as woman,e get some kain things wey you go need to do and no do if you want make your man dey joli-joli your parole for una relationship as e dey move enter future level.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Men: Wetin una need to do and no do to una woman


Sometimes,some men dey complain say dem no know wetin dem go do for dia woman to flow with dem bicos e dey be like sey nothing wey dem dey do wey dey satisfy dem. So na dis make me sey make I write down some of the things wey men go need to do and wetin dem no need to do inside relationship to take satisfy dia woman.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Koko and Jara for pipul wey just enter new relationship

When pesin just enter new relationship with a new guy or new babe, e dey shack like stuff as Stan Iyke take talk am and if you no be careful unto how to handle your feelings as e dey do you, you fit begin dey lose dat pesin small small.So therefore make we chook eye put for dis koko and jara wey go help you to maintain the new relationship wey you just enter make you for no miss road.

For guys wey dey shy: Wetin to do to take toast or chaik dat babe to be your otepu *Winks*

For some guys,when e come to the level of toasting or chaiking babe,na serious exam e dey be for them and where water go come pass garri na when the guy himsef na shy pesin. E no dey dey funny at all but as guy,you no need to open eyes for night dey count how many slate dem take do your ceiling again. Make you follow these steps one by each to help your ministry move to permanent site.

Monday, 29 April 2013

How you fit build kajad-closeness with your yori-yori

When I dey talk about kajad-closeness for inside relationship with your yori-yori, na dat type of relationship wey be sey nothing dey shake am at all no mata wetin dey happen bicos of some things wey the two pipul wey dey inside the relationship don learn to do togeda and e kom make dem be like 5 and 6. Like play like play, notin fit come between dem and for you wey be sey dis kain of relationship dey totori you and hungry you to do,follow dis koko and jara for here.

How you fit comot bitterness from your mind

To carry bitterness for mind na one quick way to kaput comot from dis world and anybody wey dey always carry bitterness for mind no dey ever happy bcos as e never forgive the pesin wey do am wrong,anytime wey e remember the mata,vex go catch am and one thing wey pipul no understand be sey when you carry bitterness for mind bcos of wetin anoda pesin do you,you dey give the pesin  power to rule your life.But when you comot bitterness from your mind and allow forgiveness to enter your mind,you go dey joli-joli your life dey go.So for you to fit comot bitterness from your mind sharp sharp,make you chook eye put for dis koko and jara.